New Account Information

Getting your patients started with EquiMed’s remote monitoring service is quick and easy. First, you need to set up an account with EquiMed for your clinic. This will involve filling out a New Account Enrollment form, completing a Physician Information sheet and reviewing and signing off on the criteria for immediate physician notification for selected rhythms.

If you wish to enroll your clinic, we will send you all the information via return email. We can have you up and running within an hour of receiving the required information. There is no cost to the clinic for these services.

Clinic Enrollment Procedure

Setting up your clinic to use EquiMed’s SJM Confirm® ICM monitoring service will only take a few minutes. The New Account enrollment form will ask for the following:

  1. Contact information for your clinic
  2. Preferences for notification of report availability
  3. Information to set up access to your secure reports on our website
  4. Intended use of the remote service in following up on your SJM Confirm® ICM patients
  5. Whether you have existing SJM Confirm® ICM patients who need to be enrolled in the service
  6. Physician Notification Protocol sign off

Patient Enrollment Procedure

Enrolling patients in EquiMed’s remote monitoring service is also quick and easy. We do not require you to pre register your patients prior to calling us with the baseline tracing you would make during the patient’s training. Directions for enrolling new patients will be included in the information we send you by return email.

Monitoring Considerations

Remote follow up capability is a valuable tool allowing nearly immediate access to any high priority recordings which may reside in the patient’s SJM Confirm® ICM. Any of the triggers in the SJM Confirm® (tachycardia, bradycardia, asystole and patient triggered) may be set as a high priority and any event recorded as a result of a high priority trigger can be downloaded from the SJM Confirm® to the Patient Activator and then transmitted to our remote service. With this capability you can:

  1. Ensure the patient is comfortable with the entire SJM Confirm®, Patient Activator and EquiMed service system through early use of the remote service capability for both auto triggered and patient activated events
  2. Easily evaluate less severe symptoms through patient activated recordings
  3. Quickly evaluate any patient activated events recorded in response to severe patient symptoms and take appropriate action
  4. Evaluate the quality of recordings early on in the use of the device and determine if any revisions in programming are necessary
  5. Review automatically triggered events much sooner than if you waited for a scheduled patient visit
  6. Determine if the patient needs to come into the clinic to have the SJM Confirm® cleared
  7. Relieve your staff of having to take time out from the regular duties to receive patient transmissions

That’s all there is to it. Any questions? Start today and take advantage of EquiMed’s remote monitoring service.

Email us at or call us at 1-800-422-6891.