Billing Information

Now you can provide remote monitoring service for your SJM Confirm® ICM 24/7/365 through EquiMed Corporation. There is no cost to the clinic for these services.

For purposes of coding, coverage and payment, the SJM Confirm® ICM is an ILR (implantable loop recorder). As the provider of these services, EquiMed will be billing the patient’s insurance carrier for the technical component of the service. Billing is for each 30 day period during which the patient transmits recordings to EquiMed.

Due to the newness of the CPT codes relating to these services, EquiMed cannot provide the costs for these services as the allowable amounts have not been established, but in no case would the charge be higher than for the related code for wearable 30 day event monitors, 93271. In addition, EquiMed cannot make recommendations as to the proper code clinics should use to bill the physician component of this service, nor describe when it would be appropriate to bill for these services.