Patient Instructions

The SJM Confirm® ICM is classified as an implantable loop recorder. This means that when an event is recorded, the recorder actually saves what is happening up to 4 minutes before the time the recording was initiated by saving what was in the recorder’s loop or memory. Therefore, important findings won’t be missed due to this ability to go back and record what happened before the recording was initiated.

The SJM Confirm® ICM is indicated for the evaluation of transient symptoms that may suggest you have an abnormal heart rhythm or you have clinical syndromes or situations that put you at increased risk for abnormal rhythms. Your symptoms may include fainting spells (syncope), dizziness, palpitations or shortness of breath.

You are receiving the SJM Confirm® ICM because other procedures used to evaluate the cause behind your symptoms have been unsuccessful, likely due to the fact that your symptoms occur so infrequently.

If you are visiting this website it is probably because your doctor has decided to take advantage of one of the unique features of the SJM Confirm® ICM. This is the ability to have its recorded data downloaded remotely from where ever you are, to EquiMed for immediate evaluation and if necessary, notification of your clinic. If immediate notification is not necessary, the reports are provide to your physician through this secure website.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about your SJM Confirm® ICM, Patient Activator and EquiMed service system;

  1. Always keep your Patient Activator close at hand. It would be very disappointing to have that one episode you have been waiting for missed because you couldn’t find your Patient Activator
  2. Unsure of whether or not to record a symptom? Record it and when you call EquiMed we can let you know if there was anything of significance
  3. Be sure when you send information to us that you Press and Release the Send button. If you hold the Send button in for more than 5 seconds, you may not be able to transmit the event remotely and may have to go to the clinic to have it downloaded and evaluated.
  4. Keep track of what events you record in your diary.
  5. Keep your compact Patient Handbook where you can refer to it quickly
  6. Any questions? Call EquiMed at 1-800-422-6891 or email us at

If you would like more information about various rhythms, or heart physiology and electrical properties see Patient Resources section.